Ready for the running season? 6 ways to help you succeed!

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If you’re looking to start running, the Couch to 5k program may be a great option for you. This program gradually builds up your running time and distance, so by the end, you can complete a 5k race. Here are some tips to help you succeed with the Couch to 5k program:

We are heading into the springtime of the year, which means running season for many people. The Atlanta area has one of the largest groups of runners in the United States. Every year, people set a goal of running their first 5k. Couch to 5k programs have become increasingly popular over the past few years. One of the things that hinder some people from reaching their running goals is impatience. When starting any program, it is important to start out slowly. Doing too much too soon could lead to injuries that will sideline you for weeks or months. This is why following someone else’s plan or using a couch to 5k program could be so helpful.

There are many different couch to 5k programs that people can find online or even in a running store. The important thing to remember is to start slowly and increase the amount of time and miles gradually each week. If done correctly, by the end of the nine-week program, you will be able to complete a 5k race.

Reaching a running goal is not easy. It takes dedication, time, and patience. But by following these Six tips, you will be on your way to reaching your goals in no time!

  1. Join a running group that is led by a qualified running instructor. It’s critical to learn how to train and run correctly in order to achieve your goal and reduce the risk of injury while training. There are several local running shops that provide this type of group for all levels of runners.
  1. Another crucial aspect of your fitness is the type of shoes you wear. When training, many individuals overlook wearing correct footwear. Isn’t it true that a shoe is just a shoe? Not necessarily. We have various walking and running gaits because we all have distinct foot anatomies. As a result, having an expert advise you on which shoe to buy is essential. Local running stores can also help with this process by doing a video analysis of your gait and recommending the proper shoes for you. Many people give up on their fitness goals because they don’t have the proper equipment. If you are looking to start running, one of the most important pieces of gear is a good pair of running shoes. Just like with anything else, if you invest in quality gear, it will last longer and perform better. You don’t have to break the bank to buy a good pair of running shoes, but you do need to take the time to find the right pair for you.

If you are looking for a Couch to 5k program that is tailored to walkers and beginners, we suggest our Walking2Run program. This program gradually builds up your running time and distance, so by the end, you can complete a 5k race. It is an eight-week program that starts out with a 30-minute walk/run and gradually builds up to completing a 5k race in under 60 minutes. Ok on to tip number 3

  1.  It’s important to have realistic goals when starting any fitness program. When it comes to running, most people want to run their first 5k race in a certain amount of time. This is a great goal to have, but it’s important to remember that running is a marathon, not a sprint. It will take dedication and time to reach this goal. Start by setting a goal of running three times per week for 30 minutes. Once you’ve achieved this goal, gradually increase the time and distance each week.
  1.  Modify your diet and fluid intake. Properly fueling your body and drinking more water will help your body adapt and recover to the physical demands of your new training regimen. You would not put the wrong type of fuel in your car so be cognizant of the fuel that you put into your body. This can be overlooked and you will see a noticeable difference in your results.
  1. Train your body to run. If you have led a sedentary lifestyle, your body may not be trained to run. I always recommend a client visit a sports science expert for a body screen. This screen will evaluate the function and mobility of your body as it adapts to the physical demands of the environment. If your body is not functionally ready to train, this is important to lessen the likelihood of injury.
  1. Visit a rehabilitation expert to create a maintenance and recovery strategy for your body while you train. Even if you follow the first four phases outlined above, the daily pressures of training might induce joint, muscular, tendon, and ligament overload. Piriformis syndrome, IT band syndrome, knee, and ankle discomfort are among the most prevalent running injuries. Maintaining good flexibility, strength, and neuromuscular control are essential to an injury-free program.

We hope these tips will help you have a successful Couch to 5k experience!

Over the last ten years, our office has been studying and treating runners. To restore spinal and limb mobility, alleviate tension in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and reduce pain, spasm,  and inflammation, we use chiropractic medicine, medical massage therapy, and other treatments. To schedule an appointment for a consultation at our office, click here or call us at (678) 809-5773 if you are experiencing any issues that are preventing you from running or participating in other physical activities. We want to help you get back to doing what you love! 

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