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“I have been a tennis player for over 30 years. In high school and college, I was a high level tennis player. Recently, I have been playing local ALTA tennis in my neighborhood. Up until the last year, I have remained pretty injury free. After last season, I was doing some remodeling at my house and began to experience pain in the elbow. I did not rest and decided to play a tennis match. My elbow began to hurt with each movement. Over the past 6 months, I have rested, ice, braced, and received a cortisone injection. My friend mentioned the success he experienced as a patient at Addison Chiropractic. I made an appointment and he suggested shockwave therapy for my elbow. At first, I did not notice a tremendous difference. After a few sessions, the pain began to subside. It took 6 treatment sessions before the pain completely resolved. It has been 3 months pain free and I was immediately able to play tennis again! I highly recommend Dr. Jason and this treatment for anyone suffering elbow pain”

John, Woodstock, GA


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What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is an overuse injury involving the muscles on top (extensor muscles) connected to the outside elbow by the extensor tendons. Overtime, repetitive movements of the wrist and forearm cause microscopic tears at the junction of the tendons and lateral epicondyle (outside bone of the elbow). These tears produce painful inflammation during gripping and lifting movements of the wrist and elbow. 

The pain will begin as small, nagging aches that come and go with reduced activity, ice or over the counter medication. As the activity continues, these symptoms become chronic and traditional home therapies provide very little relief. 

Who is commonly affected?

Due to its name, most people think that this is a condition that only affects tennis players. While tennis players do experience this condition, any person that participates in a work or hobby that involves gripping an object can stress the elbow producing chronic pain. In our office, we have worked with tennis players, weight lifters, carpenters, airline pilots, butchers, and others that over time have developed these symptoms.

What treatment options are available?

Patients with chronic tennis elbow traditionally seek out medical attention to resolve their symptoms. Treatments such as steroid injections, topical gels, PRP injections, bracing and physical therapy are often prescribed. Traditional therapies can be expensive and time consuming. We have a treatment regimen in our office that is affordable and produces extremely high success rates.

How does Addison Chiropractic and Sports Clinic treat tennis elbow?

We have years of experience successfully treating tennis elbow in our office. Most of our patients experience resolution of their symptoms in 4 to 6 sessions. We utilize the treatment regimen below:


  1. Manual soft tissue therapy to the forearm. Soft tissue therapy breaks down the chronic muscle damage from repetitive stress. 
  2. Shockwave therapy produces acoustic waves that break down damaged tissue and triggers reparative tissue generation.  According to Shockwave Canada, tennis elbow improvement with shock wave therapy alone was 77%. 

Do not let the pain from a Tennis Elbow keep you from living a full life. Addison Sports Clinic  has the team ready to assist you. If you have any questions, please call. You can start chiropractic care today!


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