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I can’t say enough about Jason and his wonderful staff. I’ve been a patient of his for 8 years now. Not only has he helped me with my everyday aches and pains, but he was also able to help me through a hamstring injury and to get ready for race.

Tina Lott


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Has Your Disk Been Injured?

You have been told you may have a slipped disc, or that you have suffered from a disc injury. These can range from mild to severe and require attention from a qualified chiropractor.

At Addison Chiropractic, we will help you to understand your condition and recommend the best treatment options.

The intervertebral disks are the little pads between your vertebrae. Each one has a hard outer ring and soft, gel-like middle. Your vertebrae are connected and separated by your discs. These discs act as shock absorbers or cushions to ensure that your bones don’t come into contact with one another as you move. Without discs, our upper torso would be literally immobile.


A protruding disc is an indication that the gel has bulged or pushed out and is not symmetrical in all places. This can cause irritation and pinching of nerve roots.

When the disc material bursts, the gel pushes outward. It can also lead to pain and numbness from irritation of nerves. This can be very serious.

The worst form of disc injury is disc extrusion. It is when the gel expands into the area around the vertebrae, or the disc breaks apart. This can cause significant back pain and limit your range of motion.


Do not let the pain from a disk injury  keep you from living a full life. Addison Sports Clinic  has the team ready to assist you. If you have any questions, please call. You can start chiropractic care today!


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