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Suffering from neck pain?

If you are suffering from neck pain, you are not the only one. Millions of people suffer from neck pain and never seek the treatment they require. For over 100 years, chiropractors have helped people suffering from this condition. Our Addison Chiropractic practitioners are specifically trained to successfully resolve a wide variety of neck issues.



 If you don’t know the exact location of neck pain, it is impossible to treat it. Our Chiropractic team is trained to use a variety of diagnostic tools that allow us to pinpoint the source of neck pain. Thus, ensuring higher success rates in improving the condition of the neck.


Your spine is one of the most complex areas of your body. It is comprised of every systemic nerve that runs through it. Entrapped nerves and misaligned muscles can cause the neck to spasm or tighten. The tightening of these muscles is thought to be a defense mechanism to protect the spine. Poor posture and repetitive movements with a bad posture are two of the leading causes of misalignments in the spine.

Many people allow spinal problems to go untreated. People believe that neck pain will disappear if they wait. It will likely go away in most cases, but the misalignment is still there. The pain will return and often the area will become worsened over time. Sometimes, this can result in invasive surgeries and/or procedures being the only solution to resolving the issue.



Do not fall for the “Common vs. Normal” trap if you are suffering from neck pain. This concept can cause you to assume neck pain is normal since so many people experience it. Although neck pain is quite common, it is not considered normal. Therefore, many people have neck issues that cannot be fixed. This does not mean you have to be a victim of neck pain. Get on top of it before it is too late.


Don’t let neck pain keep you from living a full life. Addison Chiropractic and Sports Clinic in Kennesaw has the team ready to assist you. If you have any questions, please call. Start chiropractic care today!

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