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Are you suffering from Back Pain?


No matter where your back pain is located, back pain is something that can affect your entire body. According to estimates, nearly 32 million Americans have back pain and approximately 80% will experience it at some point in their lifetime. It’s not shocking to hear with these numbers, back pain is the number one cause of disability in the United States. These stats should raise questions about lower back pain and how to prevent it. The Addison Sports Clinic team hopes to help you answer all of these questions.


What is the root cause of back pain? Back pain can be caused by many things, including injuries, misalignments, or other conditions. The complex structure of the spine is designed to absorb stress and allow movement. This can lead to pain in the joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones.

Sometimes severe trauma (such as a car accident) can lead to back pain. But other times its minor repetitive stress that causes most of the damage. It is possible that you will not be able to remember the specific event that caused your pain. There are many possible causes, but the physical injury is not always the main cause. Our doctors at Addison Chiropractic in Kennesaw have the education and experience to diagnose the problem and guide you to appropriate care. Even the most minor of conditions can quickly become life-threatening if it is not properly diagnosed and treated.

Back pain can be caused by many different issues, but some are more common than others. These are some of the most common causes and treatments for lower back pain at Addison Chiropractic.


A disc bulge, or herniation, is the leading cause of back pain. It is important that you recognize that not all disc bulges, herniations can cause pain. Numerous patients who had MRI scans of their spines showed that up to 37% of Americans have a disc herniation or bulge. However, the majority of those affected are free from any pain.

Many people experiencing pain report it as intense and severe. The type and position the disc herniation is in will affect the kind of pain it causes. The damage to the disc may cause weakness and shooting pain in the legs. The pain is often described as being stabbing and lightning-like.

You can think of a disc as a jelly-doughnut to understand how it develops. If the disc’s outer edges are damaged, usually from wear and tear, then the jelly inside the disc may escape, causing structural damage. This process is very difficult to reverse once it has begun. But, chiropractic care has been proven to be effective in preventing the progression of herniation as well as providing relief from the associated pain.


Subluxations are the leading cause of back problems. Subluxation, a medical term that refers to a position in which a vertebra is not aligned correctly, is what we call it. These subluxations cause normal movement to be disrupted and can result in a number of events including pain. Subluxations can occur at any part of the spine. There are many factors that could cause them.

Subluxations can result from stress, trauma, or toxins. Subluxations can be caused by stress, which can cause ulcers in the stomach. However, physiological changes can also lead to the vertebrae of the back moving out of alignment. While subluxations are not always possible, the time it takes to correct them varies from person to person. Our chiropractors at Addison Chiropractic have been trained to do so.


While anyone can get sprains or strains, most often they occur in people who start tasks and use these structures in ways that are unfamiliar. If a person attempts to run a full marathon the first time in summer, they are likely to overload these structures and cause damage. Ligament sprains occur when the ligament is stretched beyond its limits and causes tears.

Muscular strains are often caused by excessive lifting and twisting. Strains or sprains to the ligaments or muscles of the back can lead to severe pain. They are often accompanied by swelling and bruising. Because sprains, strains, and other injuries are so closely linked to the spine, they often respond well to chiropractic treatment. Addison Chiropractors have the expertise to treat these injuries.


People who are constantly under stress will have a different physiological profile from those who aren’t. The body releases stress hormones in response to intense stress. Some of the adaptive mechanisms include an increase in heart rate, increased blood pressure, altered immune systems, decreased bone density, and decreased muscle mass.

If this response continues, it can lead to increased stress levels, which have been linked to obesity, heart disease, depression, and digestive problems. Stress hormones can cause muscle tissue contraction, which results in trigger points. These trigger points are extremely painful and can be treated at Addison Chiropractic Sports Clinic with great success rates.

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Chiropractic care, which focuses on the root cause of back pain, is more effective than treating the symptoms. The common factor in all of these causes of back problems is a misalignment of the vertebrae. Our doctors at Addison Sports Clinic specialize in treating this condition.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that chiropractic care is the most effective treatment for various back problems. It is best to treat back pain conservatively, effectively, and noninvasively as with all conditions. Contact our Kennesaw chiropractic office today if you are experiencing back pain and are ready to get the help you deserve.

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