Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injuries

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Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injuries

When it comes to whiplash, each case is different. Since whiplash cases vary, the possible solutions must be assessed by the medical caregiver to ensure the patient is prescribed proper treatment.

While most treatments for whiplash involve rest, over-the-counter medication, some prescribed exercise, hot and cold compresses amongst an array of other forms, Chiropractic Care (CC) is one of the most effective ways for treating any variety of it.

What Type of Chiropractic Care Works?

Since each case of whiplash differs from the last, a variety of treatments are offered to the Chiropractitioner’s disposal. Most treatment comes with a combination of spinal manipulation – joints in the spine are manipulated to move or jolt back into their proper position – and exercise, mostly in the form of stretching, as well as muscle stimulation or applied muscle relaxation.

A prime benefit to receiving CC is that each patient’s progress will be closely monitored by the Chiropractor during each session, meaning that if any slight deviations were to occur with progressing towards normality, treatment would be adjusted to cater to the patient’s needs.

What Exercises Work in Conjunction with Chiropractic Care?

Most of the exercises involved with whiplash cases involve some form of neck stretches. Some of the simpler ones that a patient can do at home are the neck bend, the neck turn, the neck extension, the upper back twist, or a form of isometric movement involving your neck. While these are exercises that can be found on the internet, a Chiropractor would work to incorporate any viable exercise necessary for a patient’s distinct path to recovery. The Chiropractor would handpick exercise progressions most suitable for the patient to recover in an optimal time period. One of the most popular exercise progressions that Chiropractors prescribe doing McKenzie exercises.

McKenzie exercises work to alleviate the disc derangement within the spinal cord that has been thrown off by the whiplash injury. In order for these exercises to be most effective, a Chiropractor’s prescription alongside regular CC would keep a patient on track towards a healthy and speedy recovery.

Due to the paths to recovery differing from patient to patient, spinal manipulations and prescribed exercises will be different for each case. In the most severe cases of whiplash, it would be most beneficial to seek professional help as opposed to home remedies.

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