5 Reasons Adults & Child Athletes Should Get Screened

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Before coming to us, many patients don’t realize that there is a significant difference between a body screen and body assessment. While a body screen is used to determine body asymmetries or dysfunctions before exercise or play, a screen determines if a person has issues that can lead to pain or injury. An assessment is used after pain or injury has already occurred.

Our office has used these methods to manage both the active adult and young athletes over the years. Now, we’re putting our insights on display by sharing 5 reasons why you – or your child – should be screened prior to exercise or playing a sport.

Identifies movement or body dysfunctions.

These dysfunctions may not necessarily be painful or problematic at first, however, increasing the workload on the body can target dysfunctional areas leading to traumatic tears, sprains, and strains. Getting an overall picture of the imbalances in the body through a screen can reveal what needs to be addressed before increasing activity.

Highlights strengths and weaknesses of the body.

Some areas of the body may be a functioning strength, while other areas may be a functioning weakness. There are various reasons for this, but a common one is past injury or trauma. For example, a previously sprained ankle may no longer be painful, but unbeknownst to you, the ankle may have developed a weakness that can lead to further injury if not addressed.

Can trigger red flags that require further exploration or consultation.

In our office, we have a conversation with the client to determine any underlying issues that may require an evaluation by a medical doctor. Sometimes, issues go unnoticed in our day to day lives, but without proper medical intervention, increased physical activity can cause serious medical issues. That’s why we rely on our findings to help direct you to expert care when issues arise.

Offers a second opinion.

Our office frequently works with athletes who come to us for a second opinion after working with a different or previous practitioner. Because of our approach to evaluation and treatment, we can offer fresh perspectives on physical health to help you make more informed decisions.

Deciphers between problems with technique vs. physical limitations.

Improper technique in running, lifting, or throwing can lead to incorrect repetitive movements. Over time, repetitive stresses can lead to injuries to the joints and muscles. Our screens can help us identify if your form is helping you strengthen – or weaken – your body over time, allowing you to correct.

In our opinion, a screening is vital to not only your athletic performance but to your overall health. We’ve treated thousands of patients in our area, and would love to chat with you to determine if a screening is right for you or your child. Questions? You can contact our office to learn more or schedule an appointment today!