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Sports Injuries

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Addison Chiropractic and Sports Clinic come with some of the most advanced treatment for sports related injuries to get you off the sideline faster! Whether acute or chronic, we assist patients that have:

We will work our hardest to give you the best program for your injury so you’re back out there faster and stronger than before!

Return to Peak Performance

Competitive athletes often develop small tears in muscles and tendons. If left untreated, these tears will compound into other injuries and will get worse over time, leading to the long-term damage that limits movement and impacts performance. Dr. Addison creates unique treatment programs designed for athletes and their specific injuries to heal and recover at an optimal rate. These catered programs can be a combination of an array of therapies and treatments that we offer so you can return to peak performance. You take your sport seriously. We take you seriously.

Sports Injury Chiropractor Kennesaw

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