P3 Pain Prevention Program

P3 Approach

The P3 Approach

At Addison Chiropractic and Sports Clinic, we believe in more than chiropractic treatments. We have carefully selected and developed our professional team of sports medicine experts to bring your performance to the next level with our new P3 Approach. Whether you are coming in for pain therapy, prevention treatments, or performance techniques, we have a program designed for you. Our doctors don’t believe in rushing you in and out for a quick “pop and drop” routine. We take the time to properly assess and identify the issues at hand and then carefully work with you to help you live a pain-free life.

P1- Pain

The first step in regaining your health is finding the root of your pain. When addressing the cause of pain as opposed to the surficial symptoms, you will achieve both fast and long-lasting results. When in pain, your body automatically and naturally compensates for actions that cause discomfort by altering how you complete activities and motions that cause the pain. Discomfort leads to an improper form, furthering body deterioration as you learn to function with your dysfunction. We begin your treatment by not only decreasing the pain you feel but correcting the mechanics that cause reoccurring pain. By taking this approach, not only are we reducing immediate discomfort, we are helping to stop you from falling right back into the same problems.

P2- Prevention

Prevention at Addison Chiropractic and Sports Clinic is a way of securing a future of pain-free activity that includes everything from your daily routine to competitive sports. We monitor dysfunctions and muscle imbalances of the body to reduce arthritic changes and early degeneration of the spine. Proven in-office protocols support everyone from young patients in their teens to seniors in their 80’s playing tennis weekly. Our goals are to keep you active for as long as you wish to remain active. When you succeed, we succeed.

P3- Performance

Our doctors trained in chiropractic and soft tissue techniques, which provide us the additional ability to not only reduce your pain but also prevent future flare-ups that interfere with your performance. Our experience with both recreational and professional athletes using these techniques gives us the unique ability to not only help you feel better but to perform better in the physical activities and the sports you enjoy. Whether we are assisting with a runner’s stride, a ball player’s pitch, or a golfer’s swing, we have a deep understanding of the body’s mechanics in motion. Our P3 Approach is why so many athletes and their coaches, parents, and teammates trust us to keep them performing at their very best.

P3 pain prevention

P3 pain prevention treatment

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