Is chiropractic care right for you?

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  • Do you have a nagging injury or a pain that never goes away?
  • Are you struggling with pointless pain?
  • Are you frustrated with the painkillers and interested in finding out the real cause of your pain?

If ‘yes’ is your answer to any of these questions, then chiropractic care may be an alternative treatment for you.

A chiropractic patient

Usually, a chiropractic patient enters the office with some form of discomfort. There are different types and sizes of back pain, neck pain, hip pain, leg pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, etc. However, all these pains have one common thread; they are all symptoms.


Symptoms indicate that something is wrong with your body. To alert you to a deeper problem.  Regardless of the symptoms encountered, healing happens. The effectiveness of healing depends on the success of the identification and resolution of the source.

Abnormal interactions

Due to abnormal interactions between nerves, muscles, and the skeleton system, many people today experience pain. The nervous system and posture make up the neuromusculoskeletal system. Irregular posture not only predisposes the structures of the human body to abnormal function but can ultimately lead to injury or chronic illness.

Abnormal alignment

Abnormal alignment can lead to poor healing and repair of body tissues. These architectural and pathological changes may occur in muscles, ligaments, bones, and the central/peripheral nervous system. Chiropractic treatment attempts to repair these pathological structures and the spine to allow the human frame and nervous system to function optimally.

A properly aligned spine

Having a properly aligned spine is linked to the wellbeing of the entire body, thus it is important to maintain. Chiropractic care aims to restore the proper motion of the vertebrae so that the nervous system can function properly.

Chiropractic therapy

Chiropractic therapy also helps restore the body’s ability to heal itself by managing the long-term degenerative changes in the human frame and posture. Treatment focuses on healing by the human method. This phase of recovery is divided into somewhat separate phases of recovery.

As a result, these steps are followed by traditional chiropractic rehabilitation therapy. This article is not to go into the in-depth analysis of how chiropractic care can help heal others’ illnesses. Instead, this article highlights the necessary concepts for better health and well-being in the understanding of the effectiveness of the way chiropractic care impacts the health of others.

An inflammatory acute phase

An inflammatory acute phase. This initial stage of injury response lasts for up to 72 hours. The goals of treatment during this recovery stage are to decrease the reactive inflammatory response and to gradually remove debris from the tissues. The treatment includes the use of manipulation, ice, heat, passive stretching, and active stretching and muscle work.

The recovery stage lasts from 72 hours to 6 weeks. It is characterized by the synthesis and deposition of collagen in an attempt to repair damaged tissue (scar formation). The primary concern of the body at this stage is to increase the amount of collagen needed to replace damaged tissue.

However, this new formation of scars is not entirely in the right direction and has a mechanically inferior consistency. During this level, the clinicians typically release adhesions and preserve muscle tone and ligamentous integrity.

Stage of remodeling. This process will last for three weeks. Depending on the severity of the injury, the collagen scar is remodeled to improve the function of the new tissue for up to 12 months or more. Rehabilitation objectives include improving the consistency, orientation, and power of collagen. This is done by synchronizing global roles and posture of the body, increasing functional capacity, reducing stress/stress on the affected bodies, and managing disability.

A pain-free lifestyle

So, when is healing going to take place? It begins shortly after the injury and, depending on the severity of the damage and the measures taken to help the body recover effectively, can last more than a year. Addressing injury with chiropractic treatment as early as possible will result in the best possible full recovery scenario. Managing your chronic injuries now results in a pain-free lifestyle, doing all the things you love to do.