At Addison Sports Clinic, we have resources available to you that no other office can offer. With our specialized equipment and professionals, we can treat the professional or amateur athlete who wants to reach the pinnacle of success, auto accident victims recover, or even help the office employee that just wants to feel better and gain more energy. No matter what level of physical endurance and strength you are at, Addison Sports Clinic can help you with our matchless experience and precise treatment for your injuries.

Our 20,000 square foot Sports Clinic has available to you:

  • A Large Gym & Weight Room with specialized trainers to help you with strength training.  Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy to help you unlock your potential and train for better performance and stronger muscle healing.
  • Multiple Hyperbaric Chambers to assist your muscles in a quicker recovery with less pain and downtime.
  • Cold Laser Therapy for targeted injuries. Cold laser can aid in recovery and help with pain management, by helping heal your soft tissue injuries on a cellular level.
  • Large Locker Rooms & Showers to help you get back to work quickly, or get back to the game, saving you time.

Our staff are trained to help you with sports injuries, adjustments, minor medical issues and more. We are a total wellness sports clinic that offers personal care and attention to every patient.

With our expertly trained and educated medical staff and highly specialized medical devices, we treat the whole patient and help you achieve faster, more complete healing after an accident or injury. Total rehabilitation is possible with Addison Sports Clinic!

Addison Sports Clinic's Tread mills Addison's Sports Clinic weightlifting 20,000 square foot facility Hyperbolic chambers for faster recovery

If you need to perform at your Peak level, or just need help recovering from an injury, contact Addison Sports Clinic today!