W.C. Waldron


My name is W.C. Waldron. I’m a 31 year old powerlifter from Canton, GA.  I began powerlifting specific training in the summer of 1997. Due to differing injuries though, I have had about 9 solid years in the sport. I have always enjoyed all kinds of sports like baseball and football, but I never seemed to excel at any of them. One thing I did notice, however, was that I always seemed to be stronger than my peers. Once I discovered powerlifting, I knew I had found my calling.

I have always desired to be the best, even from the beginning, and this mentality has led me to great success. I currently hold the powerlifting world record for a drug-tested athlete at 181 pounds bodyweight in the unequipped squat with a lift of 606 pounds. I have also previously held the world record in the drug-tested unequipped total with 1576 pounds at a bodyweight of 181 pounds.

Injury goes hand in hand with my sport and the years of intense training have certainly taken a toll on my body.  I had not been able to make much progress in the past year or so as almost all training would result in some form of injury. I needed something to help me get through this rough spot in my career.

This is when I began to seek treatment from Dr. Addison. There was a noticeable difference right away in the manner in which he addressed my specific problems. I had sought out physical therapy in the past but had never come across someone that was as willing to help me with exactly what I needed. I soon began to gain mobility in locked up joints and injuries that had nagged me for a long time and they began to become more manageable. With Dr. Addison’s help, I look forward to getting back on track and breaking even more powerlifting records.



  • Sport: Powerlifting