James Williams


For the last 12 years, James Williams has been hurler with high hopes.  He recently committed to UGA and has a budding career.

What keeps you motivated?

The drive to accomplish my goals and the desire to be the best. I have to fight for a spot every day which keeps me working hard.

What is your best memory?

Playing in the Underclass All-American Games.

What are your goals?

I would like to win a state championship before I leave high school. At UGA my goal is to be on the travel squad my freshman year.

How has Dr. Addison helped you compete at the highest levels?

He has kept my arm feeling healthy and loose during the recruiting process. I have not had any arm problems since coming to see Dr. Addison 3 years ago.

How did you get started?

My father played minor league baseball and taught me the game at an early age.

How often do you train?

7 days a week

Have you ever suffered an injury that kept you from competing?

Yes, 2 broken arms and a broken leg.

We’ll be watching James’ budding career at UGA!



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  • Sport: Baseball
  • Team: Harrison High School - Hoyas
  • Highest Level: Committed to the University of Georgia